Welcome to Lunas corner!


This is my first post here and I thought I’d just share a little something about myself and how I started making clay creations.

I am a polymer clay crafter from Norway that picked up my first block of Fimo the summer of 2014. And I am so glad I did! Today I mainly make charms that you can turn into jewelry or use as keychains.  It started out with being interested in jewelry crafting with beads and gemstones.

As I was browsing youtube for inspiration one day I came across a tutorial for a red velvet cake necklace made from polymer clay. As someone who had never tasted red velvet cake in their entire life I was amazed at how the cake came together and how realistic and good it looked. I set upon a mission to make my own red velvet cake necklace and ordered my first blocks of Fimo online.

Little did I know how much patience it actually took making something like I had seen, but I was determined to make my own cake necklace not matter what. I am so eternally grateful that I discovered that tutorial. Without it I probably would never have picked up this hobby that has become such a huge part of my life. I run the instagram page and youtube profile Lunascorner and I am preparing for my first etsy update as we speak.

Heres the tutorial that changed my life, seems like she mainly does nail tutorials now:

All credit goes to youtube.com//IhaveACupcake.com

I just wanted to share this with you in my first post, how something so random could change your life forever. I have also tried red velvet cake now, and I was not disappointed;)

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