Kawaii raspberry and vanilla icecream

Hi guys!

I just posted this little kawaii ice cream on instagram and I thought I would show you a few more pictures and a list of the items I used. Maybe there will be a quick work in progress video of this up on my instagram on friday if you’re interested!


Materials I used and where I bought them:

  • Fimo Effect Vanilla, Cherry Red, White, Pastel Pink, translucent white and Chocolate – Craftcellar
  • Fimo liquid gel  mixed with Fimo Cherry Red for the icing  – Craftcellar
  • Black glass micro marbles mixed in – Miniaturesweethk
  • Star shaped piping tip size 14 for the whipped cream – Amazon
  • Irridescent Rainbow White glitter for sprinkles – Ebay
  • Dotting tool to make indents for the eyes – Ebay
  • X – ACTO knife – Ebay
  • Clay extruder for the rim around the ice cream cup – Craftcellar
  • Srew eyepin, split jumpring and ballchain – Miniaturesweethk



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