Water melon themed cactus bear!

Saturday 2. Sept 2017

Hi guys!

First of all, sorry I haven’t posted for a couple of weeks! My boyfriend and I got a puppy and it’s been little time to actually sit down and write a post, haha! But I definitely want to get back to posting regularly.

I posted a video of  a Water Melon Bear charm friday night on my instagram and thought I’d share a list of materials I used, since alot of you have been asking! What I like about working with polymer clay and creating charms is that you can create whatever you like and let your imagination run wild. What you make doesn’t need to make sense at all. Like this charm for example, it’s a water melon themed bear cactus holding a water melon pieced heart. It has a little star attached to it that is also water melon themed.


List of materials and where I bought mine:

For all the red parts I used Fimo in the colors: Christmas Red, Citrus Quartz and a little bit of Raspberry – Craftcellar

  • For all the green and white parts I used Fimo in the colors: Apple Green, Citrus Quartz and White – Craftcellar
  • Fimo liquid for the ice cubes – Craftcellar
  • Glass micro beads for the heart and star – Miniaturesweethk
  • Glass micro beads for the eyes – Ebay
  • Star mold in the size 17mm – Miniaturesweethk
  • Dotting tools – Ebay
  • XACTO knife – You can find cheap ones on ebay, I bought mine from a local hardware store.
  • Toothbrush – I bought some cheap of a local grocery store
  • Kemper cutters – Etsy
  • Split keychain – Miniaturesweethk
  • Screw eyepin – Ebay


Thats it! Hope you found this little post somewhat helpful if you want to create something like this yourself! I also decided to include the video from Instagram down below!


Share a picture using #lunascorner and tagging me on instagram if you are inspired and want to make your own,  I would love to see! 

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