Favorite craft supplies for September

2. October 2017


I’ve been wanting to share my monthly favorite craft supplies here for a while now! So I thought I would start with september.  This will include everything from glitter, to clay, tools etc. I use alot of different craft supplies for my charms, so sharing my curent favourites with you guys is something I’d really like to do. It’s already October and fall is really starting to set in Norway. The nature is changing colors and the leaves have started to fall. It is getting dark outside earlier and earlier also.

I personally enjoy all the beautiful colors, cuddling up on the couch with a blanket and new episodes of my favourite tv show. Fall and winter in Norway can be rough and it usually gets really cold, stormy and rainy. It’s that time of the year when I can stay inside and craft without feeling bad for not doing something more “important”.

I did a post about my favorite essentials earlier this summer, but that was more focused on my most used tools and some supplies. Since it’s early fall my curent favourites are of  more gold, orange, burgundy colored now. I thought it would be fun doing a post like this to have and look back at for next years september!


It’s no secret that I swear by the brand Fimo for my clay creations. My two favourite colors atm is Fimo soft in the color Merlot and Fimo effect in the color Marble. The Merlot is a dark vine color and suits fall perfect. I love this color for a lot of things for fall, clothes, pillows etc. So it’s no surprise that I would love it as a clay color aswell. The other color Marble is a white colored clay with white and black glitter added to it. I love mixing this with other colors or just using it by itself.

You can buy Fimo Merlot and Marble from Craftcellar


Lazer Glitter from Solar Color Dust in the color Teddy Bear. This glitter is just unbeliveable, the sparkle and overall look of it is gorgeous. I love using this with my clay creations as a cupcake base for example.

This picture from their website shows the hologpragic effect alot better. 

You can buy it from SolarColorDust


Black glass micro beads from Miniaturesweethk. These have been my favourite to use for my drinks for a long time honestly. They are so great to mix with Fimo for a more unique look. They fit so prefectly with my Kiwi fruit drinks. As the black beads resembles the seeds from the kiwi fruit. See my post just below as a good example!

You can buy it from Miniaturesweethk (affiliate link)


Hexagon glitters in the color gold and rosegold! These kinds of glitter flakes are really in the wind atm and I can totally see why. I love adding them as just little details on my charms. The gold and rosegold ones are definitely the most precious glitter I have in my drawers right now!

I usually buy my hexagon glitter from Miniaturesweethk

(affiliate link)



If you haven’t tried adding powered pigments to your clay creations yet you are missing out! These two are from Pearl Ex in the colors Sparkle Gold and Copper, I usually add them to the Fimo color Mother of Pearl for my open bezel charms. The shimmer is really strong and they blend well together. I have 7 different colors of these so far and I definitely want every single one that exists. I know whats on my wishlist for christmas this year!

You can buy the set that I have from Amazon (affiliate link)


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